Resignations and Retirement Forms

Retiring Employees

If you are thinking of retiring, first it would be wise to contact TRS at
1000 Red River St. • Austin, Texas 78701 • 512-542-6400 • 1-800-223-8778
Ask to speak to a benefits counselor. They will advise you on what month you can retire and help you calculate your retirement annuity. If you haven’t done so already, go to TRS website and set up your MY TRS account. It will let you do some calculations on your own, but again, always check with TRS for accuracy.
Once you have determined your are eligible to retire and have received your retirement package from TRS, it’s time to go to Human Resorces and discuss what needs to be done at the district level.

Be sure to complete your exit interview before leaving the district and pay close attention to the district’s Sick Leave pay incentive.

Resigning Employees

Please turn in your letter of resignation to your campus supervisor or the Superintendent.  It is best if it is a written, signed and dated memo, emails are discouraged.
Before leaving your campus, be sure to complete the exit interview with Human Resources and turn in all district equipment/keys in your possession.  There is a section for you to complete, asking for you to evaluate the district.  Please complete and turn in to Human Resources.  Also, you need to check with Payroll on your benefits, last checks, forwarding address, etc.  Please take a moment to just drop in and discuss your options.