Supervision Form must be filled out each school year with your child(ren) campus. (Form is for PK-2nd grade students only) PK & Kindergarten students MUST always have adult supervision. This form must be filled out and submitted to the Transportation Office to receive transportation services and/or provide permission for the driver to release a 1st grader / 2nd grader at his/her designated bus stop without an adult receiving the student(s) or to identify the persons authorized to receive the student(s).


Transportation Information

Marion ISD is pleased to announce that beginning January 8, 2019, Texas Rural School Transportation (TxRST) has been contracted to handle all of our pupil transportation needs. All Aboard’s top priority is safely transporting our children to and from school and extra-curricular events allowing Marion ISD to focus on their education. Our partnership with TxRST will help us maintain our highest safety standards while providing enhanced efficiencies and reliable service. We gain access to advanced transportation capabilities and industry best practices to empower our district to raise the bar for safety standards, advances in technology and on-time performance. Partnering with a student transportation service provider gives our district access to the most knowledgeable transportation expertise available in an increasingly complex field.

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