Dyslexia Identification and Programming

Referral and Evaluation for Dyslexia:

  • All Dyslexia evaluations are to be completed through a Full and Individual Evaluation per 2021 Dyslexia Handbook.
  • The Admissions, Review and Dismissal (ARD) committee determines if the student requires Special Education services.
  • A student with Dyslexia can be served through the 504 program if the ARD committee determined that the student did not meet criteria for Special Education.

Dyslexia Intervention

  • Students identified with dyslexia may be served through either Section 504 supports or IDEIA/Special Education depending on the how the disability is identified and the significance of the impact on educational opportunities. The committee, based on evaluation data, determines placement.
  • Intervention may look like direct instruction, using the DIP research-based program, for an individually determined amount of time. The committee addressing the student’s needs determines the frequency and duration of services.
  • Intervention may include reasonable accommodations in the classroom during instruction, practice, and assessment. Identified accommodations address the unique needs of the students. Documented in the plan developed for the student, the implementation of accommodations by the student’s teachers occurs in the instructional environment.

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