District Nurse

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The primary goal of Marion ISD Health Services is to maximize each child’s potential for growth and development as well to ensure the safety and physical well-being of your child while on campus. Please be observant of the MISD Health Services Handbook in order to provide the safest environment possible for your child. The school appreciates your understanding and assistance in these matters.

****If you have questions about COVID-19, or need to report a positive result with your child attending Marion ISD, please contact your campus nurse.****

Kreuger Primary – 830-914-1062
Karrer – 830-914-1067
Middle School – 830-914-1072
High School – 830-914-1098

Thank You,
Gayla Wilson
District Nurse

Gayle Wilson

Gayla Wilson

District Nurse

Medications should be given at home when possible. The district will not purchase medication to give to a student.

Authorized employees of the district may administer medications under these circumstances:

  • Prescription medication, in the original, properly labeled container, provided by the parent/guardian, properly filled out medication authorization form provided by the school nurse
  • Non-prescription medication, in the original, properly labeled, unopened container, provided by the parent/guardian, with properly filled out medication authorization form provided by the school nurse
  • FDA-approved herbal substances or dietary supplements provided by the parent/guardian only if required by the student’s individualized education program (IEP), Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP), or Section 504 plan for a student with disabilities, properly filled out medication authorization form from the school nurse

Parent/guardian must fill out the medication authorization form available from the school nurse in order for any medication to be administered at school. Over the counter medication taken longer than 5 consecutive days requires a physician order/signature (including cough drops). Herbal supplements, vitamins, essential oils, sunscreen, and bug spray will not be administered to students by the nurse or any staff member. If bug spray or sunscreen is needed, please apply at home before school. A physician signature is required for any exception to district rules.

Student cannot transport medication back and forth to school due to an increased potential for its misuse while in the student’s possession. A responsible adult must bring all medications to the clinic. If this presents difficulties for you, please contact the school nurse with a plan for alternate arrangements in transportation of your child’s medication. If a student brings medication to school, the medication will not be administered and the parent will be contacted to arrange for pickup of the medication. Over the counter medication will not be given longer than five consecutive days without a physician order/signature. When prescription medications are empty, the empty labeled container will be sent home with the student. At the end of the school year a letter will be sent informing parent/guardian to pick up medications by the last day of school. Any medications (prescription or over the counter) that are not picked up at the end of the school year will be discarded by the school nurse. Medications cannot be left over the summer to be given next year.

Students who suffer from asthma, diabetes, or severe allergic reactions who have written permission from parent/guardian and the physician or licensed health care provider may be permitted to possess and administer prescribed medications at school or school-related events.

Medication Authorization Form