Military Information

Are you a Military dependent? Here is some information regarding Hazelwood.

This information was provided to the Counselor’s Office from one of our MHS parents. She has graciously volunteered to assist anyone who might be in need of more information regarding military educational benefits. Please contact the Counselor’s Office for more information.

Hazelwood and Hazelwood Legacy covers all tuition and fees. Eligibility is based on Veterans having enlisted in the state of Texas.

Dependents and spouse may use Hazelwood if Veteran is permanently and total disabled or died active duty or due to service connected disability.

Hazelwood Legacy is the transfer of unused hours to a spouse or child if veteran entered service in Texas and is considered unemployable.

Documents needed:

Hazelwood application, birth certificate, database registration for both student and veteran, DD214, official disability letter. All documents need to be turned into college of choice Veteran Representative.

DEAP (Chapter 35) pays a monthly stipend based on number of hours of training. Eligibility is for spouse and dependent children of permanent and totally disabled veterans. Other items, such as computers, can be applied for to ensure success in college.

Documents needed:

VONAPP form completed and submitted online or paper copy can be mailed, additional items needed to be mailed to Veterans Regional office are DD214, official disability letter, birth certificate of student. After paperwork is processed, VA will send a certificate of eligibility which will then need to be turned in to college of choice Veterans Representative.

This application should be completed in full and submitted as soon as college is chosen. VA can take up to 3 months to process.

FRY Scholarship is available for spouse and dependents of military who die in the line of duty or due to service connected disability. This scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other programs. It pays for college in its entirety. Tuition, fees, books, lodging, plus a monthly stipend. This scholarship requires veteran counseling center appointment and application process.


Marion High School offers the ASVAB in accordance with Senate Bill 1843, to all students in grades 10-12.  This test is given to all juniors in November.  See the Counselors Office for more information.