What is bullying?

  • Verbal bullying — name calling, teasing and saying mean things to someone
  • Social bullying — spreading rumors, leaving people out on purpose, breaking up friendships.
  • Physical bullying — hitting, punching, shoving
  • Cyberbullying — using the internet, cell phones or other technical devices to harm others.

If you see someone being bullied……

  • Never laugh or encourage the bully
  • Refuse to join in or even watch
  • Help the child get away from the bully
  • Tell an adult about what happened

Tips on dealing with bullies

  • Stand tall and act strong
  • Don’t get mad or fight back
  • Ignore the bully and walk away
  • Tell a trusted adult what happened

Don’t be afraid to report bullying

  • Tell an adult what happened as soon as you can
  • Explain the incident clearly
  • Tell who was involved and what you saw
  • Remember that reporting bullying helps protect yourself and others

We have a right not to be bullied. We all deserve to…….

  • Feel safe & secure at school
  • Be respected
  • Be included
  • Be treated fairly by others
  • Feel good about ourselves
  • Get help from a trusted adult when needed